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Development Team

We have an amazing team of developers who are dedicated to building the best and most advanced facility systems analysis & documentation platform available on the market.

Andy Heitman, B.E.S. Plus Tech CEO

The BES+Tech development team is made of mostly Mechanical Engineers, Commissioning Agents, and Systems Analysis Consultants. Our experience heavily influences and guides the development of BES+Tech products. Team experience ranges from building automation sequence, testing and design to mechanical systems design to both new and existing building commissioning. Because we use the platforms we develop on a daily basis we are able to quickly find bugs and know what does and does not work. We are able to continually test our features and know what features we want next.

Our in-house software development leads come from a building systems design and commissioning background which allows us to separate ourselves from companies who rely on software developers with no systems or energy analysis experiences. Because we know what we are developing and how it will be used, we are able to design and adjust the platform based on our experience and daily use.

Development Team

  • Andy
  • Brenton
  • Chris